Airway Workshops

Wednesday 13 November 2019



We are delighted to once again offer the popular traditional workshops at WAMM 2019. These will feature hands on learning for a wide range of modern airway management techniques delivered by an experienced faculty of international experts.



Venue:  The *Airway Skills Workshop will take place in the WAMM 2019 conference venue, the Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam.

*Registration: Pre-Registration is essential via the WAMM 2019 online Registration system and the cost is €195 (including Vat 21%)

*Note: The WAMM 2019 Airway Skills Workshop is appropriate for all grades of anaesthetic trainees, speciality doctors and consultants.


11:45-12:20 Registration and light Refreshment

12:30-18:00 Workshop rotations

Rotation/Stations: Delegates will rotate through 6 stations covering:




Videolaryngoscopy and SALAD

This workshop will allow delegates to learn techniques and practical tips for using a range of channeled, hyperangulated and Mac-style devices. They will gain knowledge on the merits of each device and practice them on mannequins with useful tips from experts.

There will be a separate station focussing on intubating the contaminated airway.


ORSIM Simulator and Fibreoptic Skills

This workshop will allow delegates to develop fibreoptic-handling skills utilizing both the ORSIM bronchoscopy simulator and mannequin trainers. The ORSIM can simulate a variety of airway pathologies so delegates can challenge themselves. This station will allow a lot of hands on experience.


Awake Tracheal Intubation and Oxygenation

This workshop will focus on awake tracheal intubation, fibreoptic handling practice and introducing delegates to the concept of awake videolaryngoscopy. Delegates will learn topicalisation techniques, sedation regimes and practical tips to improve success with these techniques


Intubation via Supraglottic Airway Devices and New Supraglottic Devices.

This skill station will focus on different generations of supraglottic devices and delegates will perform fibreoptic intubation through supraglottic devices using Aintree exchange catheters.


Airway Ultrasound and Gastric Ultrasound

This workshop provides two separate stations allowing delegates to learn some basic airway ultrasound and introducing them to gastric scanning and quantitative estimation of gastric contents. Delegates will be taught and get hands on scanning with identifying airway sono-anatomy and assessing gastric contents on volunteers.

Paediatric Airway Management

This workshop will aim to refresh and build on skills for managing paediatric difficult airways and be led by a team of specialist paediatric anaesthetists. It will focus on videolaryngoscopy, supraglottic airways and fibreoptic techniques.


Difficult Airway Management in Thoracics

This workshop will enable delegates to refresh skills with placement and verification of placement of Double Lumen Tubes especially when encountered in difficult airways. Delegates will be given an option to choose between the paediatric or thoracic workshop.


Emergency Front of Neck Access

The workshop will discuss and allow practical simulation of managing Front of Neck Access. The delegates will practice needle and scalpel cricothyrotomy on neck trainers.




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