Well Lead Medical is dedicated to providing innovative devices & technologies for difficult airway management. On Friday 15th November, Well Lead will be hosting a lunch time symposium titled ‘Clinical Studies on Supraglottic Jet Oxygenation and Ventilation (SJOV) Using WEI Nasal Jet Tube (WNJ) for Difficult Airway Management’. We love to share with you the invention story, clinical studies and experiences of WNJ for performing SJOV to strengthen and maintain oxygenation/ventilation continuously during propofol sedation/anesthesia in GI endoscopy, ERCP and hysteroscopy in obese patients, elective and emergent difficult airways. You will learn the methods and skills of performance of SJOV using WNJ, as well as implication and limitation for potential future clinical and public use. We look forward to seeing you at 13:00pm on November 15th. We assure you will enjoy a great session with us.
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