WAMM Vortex Approach Workshop

This interactive hands-on session uses low fidelity simulation, in a non-stressful setting, to explore the process of managing an airway emergency. Participants will learn and practice using the structured, team-based approach of the Vortex as a means to facilitate the effective optimisation of upper airway techniques (face mask, supraglottic airway & tracheal tube) as well the process of ‘priming’ for rescue of a can’t intubate, can’t oxygenate (CICO) event. This simultaneous implementation of interventions aimed at both preventing and preparing for CICO together constitute the process of ‘transition’ to emergency front-of-neck airway (eFONA), advocated by both DAS & ANZCA.

Note: The emphasis is on team dynamics and decision making rather than technical skills. It does not include technical training in performance eFONA techniques.

Duration of session:  90 mins

Cost: €95 (incl Vat 21%)

There will be 2 sessions available to book on Thursday 14 November which will run in parallel to the main programme;


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