In life you take precautions, why not whilst intubating? At WAMM, Medtronic offers you the opportunity to discover the Next Generation McGrath™ MAC. This new video laryngoscope features LED light 3x brighter (1,2) and warmer providing a more natural airway representation. Also, the camera contains 4x more pixels (3,4) than the previous device, providing higher resolution, crisp image quality, so you can be prepared for any intubation, whether it is a difficult or rather routine airway.

As part of the Next Generation McGrath™ MAC discovery, we also invite you to participate in the fun and innovative McGrath™ VR experience, where you can intubate a patient in virtual reality. And finally, we welcome you to attend the ‘Virtual Reality simulation to teach videolaryngoscopy: a preliminary validation study’ abstract presentation by Prof. Schoettker, VR experience co-developer, on Saturday November 16th.

Visit booth #32 to discover these latest innovations and how we can be(come) partners in airway management!

References: Internal Testing vs previous generation device – 1. RE00120930, 2.310-033-00, 3.OVM7690-R20A, 4. OV6922

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