Medovate is a dynamic new medical device company dedicated to the development and commercialisation of innovative medical technologies created within the NHS. Our portfolio focuses on anaesthesia, airway, critical care and surgery. 

Visitors to WAMM 2019 will be able to get hands on with the ‘Humidicare’, an innovative safety Heat and Moisture Exchanger (HME) to prevent critical airway obstruction, and ‘SAFIRA’ which provides an end-to-end safety solution for regional anaesthesia. Both devices are designed to be intuitive, operator friendly, promote patient safety and help prevent life threatening ‘never events’. 

A Workshop Session on 14th November will feature clinical inventors and users of ‘Humidicare’, where engineering safety solutions into anaesthetic and ICU equipment will be discussed, along with the problem of airway obstruction and how ‘Humidicare’ provides a solution.   

Improving patient safety is core to these exciting new devices which have been developed under our ISO 13485:2016 certificated quality management system.