WAMM Award for Innovation in Airway Management


Submission Guidelines

Call for Abstracts is now closed!

The WAMM Award for Innovation in Airway Management recognises the importance of innovation in Airway Management for the benefit of patient, staff or workplace (or any combination of the three).  It is open to anyone, of any grade or discipline presently working in the field who has developed an innovation in airway management.

What is an innovation?

Whilst this is not an exhaustive guide, innovations would tend to be:

1. A novel device, data collection method, or monitor or some such

2. Not yet commercially available

3. Not yet undergone significant clinical trials that would suggest it should be in the other 6 abstract categories

4. Clinical/ Research Team led rather than industry led (all novel innovations will possibly require some support from industry, but this should not be a purely commercial development

Protecting your work

Is your innovation protected in any way? 

We advise all applicants to consider protecting their intellectual property before submitting this application. The protection of intellectual property is the ultimate responsibility of each applicant, and WAMM is not responsible for intellectual property submitted for the WAMM Award for Innovation in Airway Management.
An example of protection might be :

  • A patent
  • A registered design
  • A trademark
  • A copyright
  • Published in a peer reviewed journal 

When will the Innovation Session take place?

All entries will be judged by a panel of experts. The top FOUR scoring entries will be shortlisted to present their work at the INNOVATION SESSSION at WAMM2019. Please note the innovation session will run parallel to the Oral Abstract session on Saturday morning, 16 November 2019.

Abstracts should not be summitted simultaneously to both the general abstract competition and the Innovation Competition.

Abstract pre-screening will not be formally available for the Innovation Competition abstracts, although advice on whether your idea counts as innovation may be informally sought from the Committee at  wamm2019@conferencepartners.com 

All regulations regarding abstract format, presentation, consent and ethics still apply, although clearly the abstract will be set differently. Click here to see the abstract preparation guidelines

 Please note that abstracts accepted by the British Journal of Anaesthesia must abide by their guidelines and editorial requests. This may include shortening of abstracts before they are published.

An abstract of your work should be submitted via the abstract submission system in category 07. Innovation Competition (you will have to register as an abstract submitter then choose theme 07. innovation category).

Please note that the restrictions of 420 words or one page of A4 with one figure or table still apply.

Headings are still not required but the judges would expect to see a logical order along the lines of:

  • Idea
  • Rationale
  • Methodology
  • Innovation
  • Outcome

Ethical approval and sources of funding should still be declared where appropriate.

Provide only 3 references.










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