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In 2018, UE Medical®—as a co-organizer—launched Whity Ventures, a competition that helped young anesthesiologists to master the flexible videoscope better to improve the level of difficult airway management. The activity was welcomed because of its fun and operability. More than 300 people, well-known anesthesiologists in China included, witnessed the whole process of finals. A speech was delivered and high praise given for the competition by Professor LiZe Xiong (chairman of CSA,Chairman of Asian anesthesiology). Professor MingZhang Zuo (Head of the Airway Group of the CSA) spoke at the contest and thanked UE for contributing to airway management as a representative guest. National experts in the field of anesthesiology served as judges of the competition. Foreign experts were attracted to visit the site at the same time. 

All the contestants indicated that in the two years of competition and training, their actual intubation skills had been upgraded greatly. We hope one day it can be held overseas. 


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Ambu brings single-use technology to ENT

Ambu recently launched their latest single-use endoscopes – Ambu® aScope™ 4 RhinoLaryngo Slim – for routine inspections and RhinoLaryngo Intervention – for speciality procedures. The two new scopes are used by ENT specialists to visualize the airway anatomy from the nasal cavity down to the vocal folds, check a wide variety of conditions and perform specialized procedures such as biopsies and foreign body removal whilst accessing the multiple benefits associated with a single-use scope.

 Ambu aScope 4 RhinoLaryngo has been developed in collaboration with ENT experts from across Europe to provide an alternative to reusable scopes that require complex reprocessing before they can be used on the next patient. It simplifies the workflow of the healthcare professional and eliminates several costly and time-consuming tasks associated with reusable scopes, including cleaning, repairs and availability.

 aScope 4 RhinoLaryngo is part of a broader range of single-use endoscopes as Ambu is the global market leader within single-use bronchoscopes.










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