Airtraq offers the most effective solution for Video Laryngoscopy that also overcomes the challenge of visualizing the vocal cords but not being able to pass the ET tube. Guided Video Intubation simplifies ETT insertion and reduces intubation time whilst the 90º shape minimizes hyperextension and reduces force applied during intubation, making it the best option for many patients.
Zero capital and maintenance costs allow full deployment for instant availability everywhere.
Low cost blades for Airtraq Avant are the perfect choice for routine use. The portable all-in-one single use Airtraq SP is immediately available and covers the patient range from neonates to adults, a perfect solution for remote areas.
Several visualization options include our new low-cost Wi-Fi camera, integrated connection to endo-cameras and the smartphone universal adapter. Visit us during this year’s WAMM to discuss your department’s specific needs and how Airtraq can be the perfect VL. Learn more at