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Call for Abstracts is now closed!


Abstract submissions are welcome for consideration for the World Airways Management Meeting 2019 (WAMM2019) , which will be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 13 – 16 November 2019.

Abstracts are an essential part of WAMM and submissions are encouraged from all those who have conducted work in the field of airway management.

Abstracts should describe work that develops, delivers or evaluates the delivery of anaesthesia related to airway management. This can be in or outside theatres, cover adult or paediatric practice, and can include audits and surveys or lab-based scientific work, and everything in between.

Applications for the Innovation Competition must be submitted using the abstract template – please see the separate tab above for further details. Entering an abstract in category 7 innovation will immediately enter it to the Innovation Competition. Abstracts cannot be simultaneously entered to the Innovation Competition and cannot be considered additionally in one of the main abstract categories (1-6) below. Innovation Competition abstracts are not available for pre-screening.


Submission Process

Abstracts are welcome in any one of 6 categories:

  1. Audits/Survey
  2. Education & Training
  3. Basic and Clinical Science
  4. Equipment
  5. Quality Improvement including Human Factors
  6. Case Reports
  7. Innovation Competition*

The abstracts should be completed according to the WAMM 2019 abstract preparation instructions for authors WAMM 2019 abstract preparation instructions for authors which can be  found hereAbstracts which do not follow the submission instructions or are submitted after the closing date are likely to be rejected. Please note the conference language is English and all abstracts should be submitted in English. There is no translation service.

The abstract submission process for WAMM2019 will be through an online submission portal found here

Presenting Authors are requested to create an account and submit an abstract for review according to the guidelines set out below. The same account will be used when you register for the conference. Please keep the email and password used to create the account for future use. Please do not create a new account. Should you require any assistance or have a query about online submission, contact WAMM2019@conferencepartners.com.

* Click here for further information on the Innovation Competition.


What is abstract pre-screening?

WAMM2019 is a global meeting. The abstract pre-screening service is offered to allow authors to make earlier travel arrangements than would otherwise be possible.

How does it work? All abstracts submitted before 31st May 2019 will be entered into the pre-screening process. These will be reviewed by members of the abstract committee and be given one of three outcomes

  1. Accept (presentation at WAMM2019 is guaranteed, although whether this is a poster or an oral presentation will only be decided by the formal judging process in August 2019)
  2. Reject but amend or consider rewriting and amending. This will usually be for language reasons and will not offer scientific advice. The abstract in its current form is rejected but the authors will be encouraged to resubmit before the final deadline in July 2019 with a revision of their work
  3. Reject. No revision or re-submission advised. Will not be accepted in its current form.

All of the accepted abstracts will then be forwarded to the formal judging programme in August 2019. Revised abstracts will need to be resubmitted by the submission deadline (26th July 2019) to allow reconsideration, otherwise the rejection will be the final decision.

Please note the pre-screening process will not be available for the Innovation Competition abstracts. The closing date for submission is 26th July 2019.

What are the abstract presentation options at WAMM2019?

A small number of the best abstract submissions will be presented orally on Saturday 16th November 2019.  The remainder will be presented as e-posters during the refreshment breaks at the meeting. All poster sessions will be moderated and all work presented will be judged.

Authors can choose whether they wish their work to be considered for oral presentation (oral or poster) or as a poster only presentation. Poster only presentations would usually be applicable for work that had been previously presented or published at another international meeting but was being shared for interest (please contact the abstract group to discuss as soon as possible WAMM2019@conferencepartners.com)


If accepted, when will I present my poster?

Given the anticipated high numbers of abstract submissions, all authors with an accepted abstract should arrange to be present at WAMM2019 between Thursday morning, 14th November, and Saturday afternoon, 16th November. It will unfortunately not be possible to accommodate requests for you to present on a specific day due to the expected number of abstracts for presentation.

Although it is impossible to issue absolute guidance that will be applicable in every situation, WAMM2019 will accept abstracts of new work, not previously presented at an international meeting (e.g. published in an abstract booklet or online). However, work that has been presented at local meetings or is not freely available online can be submitted to WAMM.

Will the abstracts be published?

As with WAMM2015, the editorial board of the British Journal of Anaesthesia have kindly agreed to publish the best 25 abstracts submitted to WAMM2019. The remaining abstracts will be published on the internet following the meeting.

Please note that abstracts accepted by the British Journal of Anaesthesia must abide by their guidelines and editorial requests. This may include shortening of abstracts before they are published.


What about Ethics?

Ethical considerations are very important in any piece of airway research. As WAMM2019 is an international meeting, the standard set is that:

Any work submitted must meet the ethical standards of the country in which it was conducted.

The nature of ethical approval for a study must be mentioned in the methods, whilst in a case report the last line of the case report should clearly state that the written consent of the patient has been provided for the publication of the case report. There is not a WAMM specific consent form for you to use for this. It is expected that you use the normal form available in your institution for this purpose. Appropriate consent must also be sought when dealing with deceased patients

The submission form on the web will ask submitting authors to confirm that their work meets the ethical standards of the country where it was conducted, or in the case of a case report that the written consent of the patient (or their family where appropriate) has been granted. This is not an optional field and can only be answered YES. Authors who are unsure as to whether this question can be answered should simultaneously contact the Ethics review Board at their own institution and WAMM2019@conferencepartners.com outlining their concerns or query. The earlier this is done the better.

Please note that studies involving paediatric patients, or case reports from paediatrics, or patients who are unable to provide consent themselves will be considered most strictly. Early advice and input is recommended.

Those forwarded to the BJA for publication must meet the ethical standards of the journal (please see the BJA ethics section here).

Finally, please note that manikin studies are not excluded from the ethical approval process.

How to submit your abstract?

IMPORTANT information on the submission process:

  • It is ESSENTIAL that you read the instructions below before you submit.
  • The Presenting Author must submit the abstract and is required to be the corresponding author for that abstract
  • Abstracts must be submitted in English

You do not need to register for the Conference prior to submitting an abstract, but you must create a conference account. Following acceptance into the programme you must register by 16 September.


Who submits the abstract?

The Presenting Author will be the contact person for the abstract and must submit the abstract. Once you enter the online submission portal, start by creating an Account. Please keep a record of the account details you use to set up the account as you will require them to log into both the WAMM 2019 abstract submission system and Conference registration portals. Upon successful submission of the abstract a confirmation email will be sent to the Presenting Author.

If you have not received a confirmation email, please check that your abstract is not left in draft and is fully submitted by logging back into the portal and checking on the Edit Abstracts page.

IMPORTANT: Please note that you can save your submission as a draft and return to edit the submission, but once it has been submitted the abstract cannot be edited after the close of submission deadline. Draft submissions will not be entered into the review process. If you require any assistance regarding the submission of your abstract, contact WAMM2019@conferencepartners.com.

Submission Details:

The online abstract submission system is a simple step by step process and will ask you to input the following details:

  • Title of the abstract (word limit is 15)
  • Presentation type (Oral or Poster, Poster only)
  • Theme must be chosen from the theme list above
  • Name, affiliation, and job title of Presenting Author (this person will act as the main contact for this abstract; this person must be listed as the first author)
  • Name, affiliation, and job title of co-author(s)
  • Abstracts must be no longer more than one page. Abstract must be submitted according to the Abstract Preparation Instructions
  • Abstracts must conform to the following criteria:
    • Must be no more than 1 page with a minimum font size of 11pt
    • Must be no more than 420 words
    • Must be an editable .docx file and not a .doc or .pdf
    • Must have 2cm margins all round
    • Can include one figure or table
    • Can include up to three references listed at the end of the abstract but not as footnotes.
  • Download the abstract template  to create the abstract as a Word document and then save as a Word file for uploading to the system. Only WORD files will be accepted for upload. Graphs and tables may be included in the abstract but must remain within the one-page limit.
  • Tables or figures can greatly enhance the presentation of any abstract, however they must not exceed the overall dimensions of the abstract template (one page of A4 with set margins, see here). Please remember that any table or figure must be legible and the larger the size of the figure or table the less room there will be for accompanying text. The text within the table should not be smaller than in the rest of the document.
  • Complete questions listed in Additional Information below:

1.  Ethics

Does this work meet the ethical requirement of the country in which it was undertaken? All work submitted must meet these requirements. Tick box to confirm. This is mandatory.

2.  Career Grade of Presenting Author

What is the grade of the presenting author?

Please note the WAMM 2019 abstract competition encourages presentation by trainees, although it recognises that in several circumstances this will not be possible.

– Consultant/ Attending

– Other non-consultant/Attending Grade (not in a training post)

– Anaesthetic assistant/paramedic/medical student

– Registrar/Resident/Fellow (final 2 years of training)

– Registrar /Resident/Fellow

– Professor

3.  Previously published work

Work that has been published or previously presented at a major meeting will not be considered for presentation. However, abstracts that have appeared in conference booklets or have been presented at regional meetings are welcome.

Has this work been previously published or presented at a MAJOR meeting?

– Yes but this has been discussed and approved by the abstract committee

– No

4.  Publication at WAMM2019

All accepted abstracts may appear in the conference app or on a USB stick distributed at the conference. This is a condition of acceptance. Selected abstracts may be forwarded to the British Journal of Anaesthesia. These abstracts may be subject to editing. Conference abstracts may appear on the conference website after the conference.

Please note that by choosing to not have your abstract appear in the BJA or on the conference website does not exempt the authors from acquiring appropriate ethical approval.

Indicate below your consent:

–  Abstract can be forwarded to the BJA if appropriate and appear on the conference website

–  Abstract can be forwarded to the BJA only (will not appear on the conference website)

–  I do not consent for the abstract to appear anywhere other than the conference app and USB stick.

5.  Consent from co-authors

If your abstract has co-authors/presenters and you have provided their emails, do you confirm that you have received their permission to share their contact details (name, affiliation and email) with conference organisers, reviewers and session chairs/moderators for the purpose of conducting the review and compiling the programme? If they do not want their information shared with these stakeholders, the abstract will be excluded from the review and programme.

Tick box to confirm. This is mandatory.

6.  Data Consent

To comply with GDPR, EU data protection rules, your personal data (name, organisation, country and email) will be shared with conference organisers, reviewers and session chairs for the purpose of conducting the review and compiling the programme. If you do not want your information shared with these stakeholders, you will be excluded from the review and programme due to GDPR data sharing of information regulations

Do you consent to your personal data being shared with conference organisers, reviewers and session chairs/moderators?

Tick box to give consent. This is mandatory.

Abstract Submission Template

Please adhere to the instructions when preparing abstracts for submission for WAMM 2019.

Abstracts which are not correctly formatted will not be reviewed.

Abstracts must be submitted in English only.

Click on the buttons to download the template and Abstract Preparation Information:

Review and Notification of Acceptance

All abstracts will go through a peer-review carried out by reviewers selected by the WAMM 2019 Programme Committee.

Notification of acceptance or rejection will be sent to the submitter the week of 30 August 2019.

Submitters can follow the WAMM2019 twitter account for up to date information.

Registration of the Abstract Presenter

When notified of acceptance, the Presenting Author is required to accept the offer by registering for the conference and paying in full by 16 September 2019.

If a presenter fails to register by 16 September 2019 the abstract/presentation:

·       May be removed from the programme

·       May be removed from all WAMM2019 related publications

Withdrawal Conditions & Change of Presenter

Written notice must be submitted by 16 September 2019 for all withdrawals and change of presenters, contact WAMM2019@conferencepartners.com

Terms and Conditions:

  • The abstract submitted adheres to the abstract submission guidelines outlined above.
  • The text of the abstract along with the names and affiliations, poster, powerpoint presentations and/or additional documents as requested will be published on the conference website and book of abstracts, and that this will not raise any copyright issues.
  • This abstract has only been submitted once for WAMM 2019.
  •  A submission as a particular presentation type may be changed to a different type following review in order to be accepted and included in the programme.
  •  Presenters may be recorded for live streaming. A recording of the presentation and a copy of the slides may be published online after the conference.
  • It is the responsibility of the Presenting Author to submit the abstract. They are the main contact whose responsibility it is to communicate with other co-authors and ensure that they register to be included in the programme.
  •  Accepted authors must register by 16 September to confirm acceptance of their offer in the programme. If accepted authors are not registered by this date, they may be removed from the programme.
  • The abstract submitted is in English.
  • The Presenting Author is available to present at the conference on 14 – 16 November  2019.

If you have any queries regarding the above, please contact the WAMM 2019 Programme Team at WAMM2019@conferencepartners.com.

If you have any questions around the ethics of abstract submission, or whether your work should be considered for a poster presentation only (previous presentations issue) should be addressed to WAMM2019@conferencepartners.com well in advance of the closing date

Please note: given the number of abstracts, individual authors will not receive feedback on their abstract, whether successful or unsuccessful.










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